The country of the Sun, untouched nature and friendly locals, North Macedonia has become a real attraction for tourist. Beautiful mix of mountains, lakes, rivers, 3 national parks, 33 natural reserveS and plains of this small gem set in the middle of the Balkans, shows its charm on every step of the way.

The capital, Skopje, birthplace of Mother Teresa, today is the city of many contrasts. Multi-ethnic as it is, presents a perfect blend of different religions, traditions and architecture as well. Mix of the continental and Mediterranean climate is excellent for many sorts of grapes, international and locals, and the wines of fantastic quality are easy to be found.


Did you know

that North Macedonia has a higher number of mountains and mountain peaks than any other country in the world?


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The capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, has been a crossroad of different nations throughout centuries. It is adorned with many neoclassical monuments and buildings as a reminder of their ancient Greek roots.


Its extraordinary natural beauty and rich historical and cultural heritage, has made Ohrid both a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the oldest lakes in the world will welcome you with crystal clear water that reflects the lake’s picturesque high mountain surroundings.

NP Mavrovo

Mavrovo National Park is situated in the western part of Republic of North Macedonia, being the largest of four national parks in the country. It is a picturesque national park of exceptional value, with diverse plant and animal species occurring only there. At an altitude exceeding 2,700 m above sea level, the park is characterized by three mountain systems: Šar, Bistra and Korab.

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    Population:2.083.371 inhabitants
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    Airports:Skopje Airport SKP, Ohrid Airport OHD
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    Currency:denar (MKD)
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    International dialling code:+389
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    Time: Central European Time GMT + 1, in summer GMT + 2
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What to do in North Macedonia

Wine Regions of North Macedonia

North Macedonian wines are produced from quality grapes that grow in three main wine regions: East, Central and West. Each region produces various kinds of red and white wines, rich in aroma and flavor.

Vevčani Village, Carnival, Waterfalls and Republics

Famous for its lakes and natural springs, it is rich with caves, waterfalls and hiking paths. The people have a unique way of celebrating the New Year, they organize an annual carnival.

Matka Lake & Canyon and Boat Ride

It is the oldest artificial lake in the country. It provides an ideal environment for lovers of extreme sports, with climbing and mountaineering.

With 3 national parks, 33 natural reserves and numerous beautiful rivers and lakes, North Macedonia abounds in rare flora and fauna and unusual wildlife. Its mild climate is just perfect to relax and explore lush nature, archaeological sites, vibrant city life of locals or affordable restaurants serving traditional dishes.


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Tara River Canyon with rafting

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