An essential piece of the Balkan puzzle, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the least discovered mystery for experienced tourists worldwide. This land is the home of three main religions, Islamic, Orthodox and Catholic, all of which impacted local culture and historical heritage enormously. Being full of contrasts, Bosnia is united with the natural beauty of its lands and impeccable hospitality.

The capital, Sarajevo, represents the center of congress tourism for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Numerous flights from European and global destinations, convenient connections from Belgrade and Zagreb, along with the growing number of modern, higher-class hotel capacities, are key factors in the city’s development.


Did you know

that one of two rainforests in Europe is located in Bosnia and it is called Perućica?

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Known as the European Jerusalem, Sarajevo charms with its eclectic image, curious mix of three religions, delicious cuisine and welcoming locals who contribute to the rising popularity of this country.


Međugorje, famous pilgrimage site, has been on a tourist map from the 80s. Once a quiet small town in the south of Bosnia, it gained its popularity after the alleged apparition of Virgin Mary.


Mostar, beautiful city on the banks of Neretva, is a city of diversity, and a home to different religions and nationalities, bringing them together into a whole.

  • Capital:Sarajevo
  • Population:3.405.890 inhabitants
  • Airports:Sarajevo International Airport SJJ, Mostar International Airport OMO
  • Currency:Convertible mark (KM)
  • International dialling code:+387
  • Time: Central European Time GMT + 1, in summer GMT + 2
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What to do in Bosnia

Home hosted Cooking Class

Spend your time learning about the history and culture of Bosnia while enjoying the conversation with a local Bosnian family that will happily share the secrets of Bosnian cuisine and the preparation of meals.

Sarajevo Film Festival

The Sarajevo Film Festival is the leading film festival in the Balkan region, promoting freedom of expression, tolerance, and understanding between nations, ethnicities, and people by providing a platform for the presentation of world cinema.


Enjoy spectacular panoramic viewes of Studeni potok (Cold Stream) and its valley spreads, mountain peaks Bjelašnica, Treskavica and Visočica, as well as the Rakitnica River Canyon and many faraway villages, all of this on your way to Lukomir.

In spite of its complicated past, Bosnia & Herzegovina is moving forward with a growing tempo, and this energetic approach cannot stay unnoticed, especially among experienced tourists open to discover something new.


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Tara River Canyon with rafting

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