The Balkan Peninsula extends into the Black Sea with Bulgaria, an ancient land and a dynamic tourist destination. A melange of extraordinary cultural heritage and rich natural beauty, this small European country is a treasure trove of tourist attractions. Its strategic location offers travelers a variety of exciting opportunities and unforgettable adventures full of breathtaking discoveries.

With nine tourist regions and ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, Bulgaria is fast becoming a popular European destination. Thanks to the country’s attractive climate, it offers travel options to suit every taste – from year-round skiing to luxurious spa resorts, from ancient monasteries to medieval forts and monuments.


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that Bulgaria is the homeland of yogurt?

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Sofia is the modern center of Bulgaria, a youthful Eastern European capital city with a unique combination of communist-style architecture, Ottoman mosques, and onion-domed churches. Home to many of Bulgaria’s finest museums, galleries, and restaurants, Sofia is also rich in interesting landmarks.


The ancient city of Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Located on the banks of the Marica river and built around seven hills, the city is like an open-air museum with its cultural mix of different civilizations and a unique blend of architectural elements. The most significant monument of the cultural capital of Bulgaria is certainly the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis.

Veliko Tarnovo

A treasure of Bulgaria that – as its then capital – witnessed the rise and fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185 – 1396) is none other than the ancient town of Veliko Tarnovo. The legends and stories, interesting history, and picturesque location of Veliko Tarnovo and the Tsarevets Fortress have gained them many admirers in both Bulgaria and abroad, making the region a top tourist attraction in the Balkans.

  • Capital:Sofia
  • Population:6.946.122 inhabitants
  • Airports:Sofia Airport SOF, Burgas Airport BOJ
  • Currency:Lev (BGN)
  • International dialling code:+359
  • Time: Eastern European Time GMT + 2, in summer GMT + 3
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What to do in Bulgaria

Rila Mountain Trail (Seven Rila Lakes Hiking)

To compete with the Seven Wonders of the World, Bulgaria has an ace up its sleeve – the Seven Rila Lakes. The beauty of these lakes touches thousands of Bulgarian and international visitors who spend their holidays there.


This charming village allows travelers the unique opportunity to visit authentic, preserved heritage and admire wonderful examples of medieval art.

Kazanlak and the Valley of the Roses

Kazanlak is a town surrounded by nature reserves. Thracian tombs and the Museum of Roses are found here. The Valley of the Roses has been known as the most fertile land for growing roses.

While exploring the rich history and culture of this beautiful country, travelers can also take boat rides on the breathtaking Danube River or relax on one of the sandy beaches on the Black Sea coast. A mix of ancient towns and modern resorts, the cobbled streets lead to wonderful surprises – from flea markets to art galleries to hot summer nights on the beach. With Bulgaria’s enchanting blend of nature and history, memorable adventures are guaranteed.


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